Birthday presents for my wonderful artists(>///<)

and old doodle ;Juvia


kiddie samezukaaaa from the ED (●n´ϖ`n●)



animal shelter should change their names to animal concentration camps….

Watching Taiwan’s documentary film “Twelve Nights”. It shows what the dogs go through at animal shelters… once they go in, countdown begins. They only get about 2 weeks to live. This is the same in USA too.

Although the film helped raise awareness and greatly increased the number of adoptions made in the past year in Taiwan, the origin of the problem is still all the breeders trying to make money, the horrible people who throws away the animal once they grow too big, and the irresponsible people who didn’t care about neutering/ spaying their dogs and just get rid of the unwanted litter like they are actually litters. This is the same anywhere in the world.

Same thing with bunnies. People breed animals to make money, but they don’t consider all the abandoned animals were once loved as well, and they wait painfully to be adopted, get put down when no one adopts…because people go to breeders wanting “new & cute little baby animals”


it breaks my heart to see animals suffer because of human greed.



WATCH THE FILM (it has English subtitles)

and please help spread the words



Message of ask in Japanese



This is just one example. And, I am not good at English.

I’m sorry if my English is hard to understand…

It is very good If you send the URL of my blog with the message. 

Please tell myself things to the author. It’s very important. So one to feel very fear is “Do not know who is you”.

Please send a message if you want to know other ask message.

I shall be happy if I can be of any help, thank you ;)


  • こんにちは。いきなりのメッセージ失礼します。あなたの絵を他の人に紹介したいのですが、私のブログに掲載してもいいですか?
    (Hello. I’m sorry to send a message suddenly. I want to introduce in my blog a your art. Are you sure I want to post a your art in my blog?)
  • こんにちは。いきなりのメッセージ失礼します。あなたの絵を私のアイコンに使いたいのですが、使用してもよろしいでしょうか?(Hello. I’m sorry to send a message suddenly. I want to use my icon the your art. Are you sure I want to use a your art in my icon?)
  • こんにちは。いきなりのメッセージ失礼します。あなたの漫画を翻訳して私のブログに載せたいのですが、よろしいでしょうか?(Hello. I’m sorry to send a message suddenly. I want to translate the cartoon you drew. And I want to post it on my blog. Do you allow it?)


It takes about 5 seconds of your time to copy and paste one of those messages and send it to the artist.

It takes 5 hours or more (usually more) to create a full-colour illustration.

Remember, artists have the final say over where their work gets shared and how their work is used. Always ask permission first.

EDIT 17/8: Looks like this post has been making the rounds, so I’d like to stress that it is possible to run a fandom blog without using art that is reposted from Pixiv or elsewhere. Many Pixiv artists have tumblrs these days so you can simply reblog from them. Check their profile pages to see if they’re on tumblr.

It’s a good thing that more people are starting to ask permission, but if you are doing so please link to a screencap of the artist’s reply so that there is evidence that you indeed do have permission.

Really, though. There are oodles of excellent artists on tumblr, so why don’t you just reblog from them?

This post by bossies is a good read on how artists may feel overwhelmed by an influx of people asking permission all of a sudden. If you see a gorgeous/cute/hilarious piece of art that you MUST share, then please share it in a way that doesn’t cause discomfort to the artist.




There must be a reason why Rin always wins


Friendship is beautiful.


wearin’ the boyfriend shirt


doodles : RWBY

I think I’m fall in love with blake(*;~;*)


my mom is nursing these kittens because their mommy got hurt, they have no patience


I started sketching this back when the first episode aired and then kinda procrastinated for 6 weeks. I can’t believe I actually  finished it.

But isn’t it cute how in Future Fish, Nagisa is an astronaut and Rei just happens to be a scientist experimenting with rockets?


At last, some time to actually draw something! I’ve been itching to draw some Free! fanart lately. Season 2 has been so good, it’s been so painful…

Anyway this is some Matsuoka sibling hair swap, inspired by episode 3.